Assess. Adjust. Act.

That was then, this is now

Flexion takes a holistic approach to advising and consulting services, working within an organization to deeply understand its people, processes and technologies and the challenges they are facing. Applying the insights gained, we recommend transformation plans that take the organization to the next level of success.

We execute our strategies using proven methodologies, business strategists, senior level technologists, staffing and digital services.

We deliver and execute transformation strategies for our customers.

Flexion is an enterprise consulting firm changing the way organizations do business and achieve success.


We work with you to understand your specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and provide you with a roadmap to help you transform your business.


We fully embrace Lean IT principles and Agile development methodologies, and can quickly assemble teams to push your product forward through feature prioritization and iterative development.


We take a design thinking approach to integration challenges, exploring where we can “innovate at the edges” to improve processes and user experience, without wholesale changes to infrastructure.


Our team of experts works with you to understand your datacenter and IT investments, and break the cycle of capital expense by moving toward cloud-based platforms, infrastructure and software as a service business and financial systems.

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