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By: Flexion WPAdmin


Flexion – Value Forward

Often I hear, “What is Flexion? What do you do?” I used to respond in a simple, straightforward way: “Flexion is a tech and marketing firm. We provide technology solutions and content to our clients”. While that may be a fairly decent cut-and-dry definition of Flexion and our services, really, Flexion is much more than that. Describing us in that manner is like describing playing the piano as ‘pressing keys to create noise’. While technically true, it ignores the idea of those noises coming together to create a chord or song.

We’re really about building relationships, which are the foundation to any good client interactions or projects.

It’s the successful relationships we build that keep our clients enthused about their projects and keep them coming back for additional projects time and time again. We don’t believe in just carrying on with business as usual with our clients–that’s why we never leave our clients behind after implementing our solutions. We make certain that all of our clients understand the technology or software changes they are receiving and are happy with the results. We bring our passion for building quality relationships to three main sectors: Advising, Studio, and Staffing.

Often times the first step is Advising. If a client comes to us with a problem, we are more than happy to offer them help in the form of lean and agile solutions. For example, if a client were to come to us and express that they were struggling with their efficiency due to a lack of communication and difficulty getting co-workers together, we might propose that their business switch over to using GoogleApps for Business. Then that company could begin using a shared calendar, participate in video calls and hangouts, etc.

Staffing is a integral part of the organization at Flexion. In order to create meaningful working relationships, you need to have the right people with the right passion in place. That’s why we make certain we only staff the best people to help our clients with their solutions; we like to call our employees “agents of change”. That means that joining our team comes with the prerequisite of being an innovator and a desire to meet our clients goals and deadlines with efficiency, effectiveness, and friendliness.

The Studio team provides an exceptional creative experience to our clients. The Studio is full of individuals who have a true passion for creating content imagery and forming brand stories for our clients. Whether clients are looking for studio work on their website, application, or branding, Flexion has the experience and the drive to get them the results they need.

Flexion is so much more than just a technology and solutions firm.

We use teams to implement our solutions–NetSuite, GoogleApps, Application Development, Mobile Enablement, Cloud Consulting, and many more. Like I said earlier, you can’t truly understand the intricacies of a piano without knowing what notes to put together to create a sweet sound. You also can’t truly understand Flexion without digging down and understanding the Advising, Staffing, and Studio components that go into bringing value forward for our clients–our own sweet sound. We are always there for our clients, 24/7. Now when asked, “Well what is Flexion? What do you do?” I respond by saying that we are a company of relationship builders. We strive to bring the best value and solutions to our clients, whatever those solutions may be. Contact us today!