Legacy Modernization

Modern Experience Matters

Modernize your organization by leveraging existing applications and pair them with modern technologies and a friendly user experience to create an innovative and affordable approach to business.


What is legacy modernization?

In the past, organizations built monolithic platforms on expensive hardware. These systems were highly customized to meet business needs, and often required lots of maintenance to keep them optimized and running smoothly. As the digital space evolves, systems age and grow stale—and user expectations change.

Legacy modernization is the practice of retaining the business value from legacy systems while migrating your organization to newer infrastructures, technologies, programming languages and user experiences.


Why do you need it?

Evolution of User Expectations

Aging Workforce

Sustainable Platforms, Systems, Infrastructures

New Programming Languages

Turn Capex to Opex

Reduced IT Budgets

Focus on Value-Add Activities

Business Transformation


Why is Flexion the right partner?

Flexion is a great partner for a legacy modernization project.

We look at legacy modernization as a business transformation investment—leveraging people, process and technology.

Flexion has successfully executed similar approaches for our clients:

FDA Datacenter Migration | DRC Online Testing Engine | USGS National BioData

Our recommendations are tailored to each client’s business objectives and goals and executed using Lean/Agile methods to ensure deadlines are met, costs are contained and value is realized quickly.


What are my choices?



A process-oriented assessment of your unique business scenario in an effort to identify the most appropriate technology options.



A custom migration of your current legacy application(s) to a to Web 2.0 or SOA enabled application.



A refactoring process where legacy systems are rebuilt in a new technology or platform, with same or enhanced functionality.



A cost-efficient method of running the same legacy software, just on a different platform.


Modern Implementation

The replacement of legacy applications as a whole or certain part, with off-the-shelf software (COTS) such as ERP, CRM, SCM, Billing software etc.


Modern User Experience

A focus on the user(s) of legacy applications and enhancing the overall experience and user-interface all supported by research, multiple devices and modern implementation.



The process of combining existing legacy systems to run on a single or fewer code databases.



The approach of outsourcing your legacy modernization to manage the application(s) for a predictable cost on a long-term basis.


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