Your success starts with the right team.

We bring the right people with the right passion to the table.

We create “what if” ideas and provide the engineering and design talent to bring them to life. Whether you need a nimble partner to help disrupt your marketplace or a hand with IT staffing, we leverage proven lean principles, collaborative problem-solving, and transparent communication to deliver measurable results for your business. Every time.

Want to climb out on a limb without falling off?

Let us be your catalyst for digital transformation, innovative product development, and platform modernization, all rolled into one.

Cloud services

Sure, we can help you migrate existing applications to the cloud. But more importantly, we think cloud-first in everything we do. By leveraging serverless technologies, we can incrementally transform how you build, manage, and maintain applications, helping you achieve unprecedented automation, security, stability, and scalability while reducing wasted money and effort.


Getting data right is often the difference between success and failure. Using data science to build our solutions has been central to Flexion’s software development for decades. We apply the same option-enabling approach to data that we do to all our work at Flexion, whether we are supporting medical claims, quality measurement, or personalized outreach. Flexion’s commitment to complexity-conscious development supports flexible and meaningful data collection and analysis.


Our approach relies on building trust and collaboration between development, security, and operations to ensure that infrastructure doesn’t become your Achilles heel. Our team is dedicated to improving your entire process by advocating for a holistic understanding of the problem and providing the technical leadership to shepherd solutions forward while preserving the autonomy of development teams.

HCD & UX research

The user is ultimately the one that defines success or failure. Is it easy to use? Does it meet an actual need or solve a real problem? Is it accessible from any device? We ensure the answer is always “yes” using rigorous user research and testing to make data-driven design decisions. From prototyping to interaction design, we iterate quickly to improve the product each step of the way.

Product Strategy & Management

To ensure the right solution, you need everyone focused on product value and viability. Our product managers deeply understand both the product domain and business constraints. By ensuring the team understands the problems to solve, they enable the team to experiment with options to see which provides the best results. They communicate where we are going and develop a strategy to get there that informs our teams’ work so we deliver real value with each sprint.

Software development

We take agile development to the next level, enabling you to learn quickly and pivot on short notice. Starting with a solid foundation of agile development and engineering expertise, we work to understand the business problem we’re solving, then partner with you to craft a technical solution that fits your needs. And our priorities always remain on things like security, stability, scalability, performance, flexibility, and accessibility.


Our recruiters listen closely to what you need and then bring you candidates that match your industry, culture, and technology ecosystem. We consider a candidate’s purpose, career path, and lifestyle goals to ensure a great fit with your company. Whether you are looking for a critical, high-level candidate or ongoing recruiting support, we apply best practices in identifying, onboarding, coaching, and retaining resilient people to help them — and you — excel.

Success starts with company culture

That’s why we’ve created a people-first culture built on a foundation of trust, autonomy, and transparency.

Distributed, remote employees

Geography doesn’t limit us (and in turn, you!) from working with the best talent. Our remote teams are productive, engaged, and responsive.

Transparency above all else

We nurture open, honest collaboration and communication. Always. That applies to both our employees and clients alike.

Empowered, autonomous teams

We treat our people like grown-ups and give them the flexibility and freedom to solve problems, take risks, and grow their careers.

Multidimensional talent

We hire senior-level people who can seamlessly solve complex problems. These technical athletes always stick the landing.

Leading from the bottom

We work with self-starters who are adept at playing well with others without constant supervision. Micromanagement be gone.

Striving for improvement

We don’t pay lip service to bettering our skills and improving how we work. We encourage honest feedback so we can level-up our game.

Agile’s not a process.

It’s a personality.

For us, agile is a mechanism for creating options at all scales. By giving you options, we open up the door for innovation while minimizing your risk of failure. Agility is just the means to an end—we use agile methodologies to build trust and deliver MVPs, where our ultimate goal is to test with users, discover what’s working, and pivot through iterations until we achieve a successful solution. Without options, you stifle what that next iteration can be. Our agile-plus approach not only increases productivity and the value we bring to each project, but it can also help transform how you use agile throughout your organization—producing options at every turn.

A proud AWS partner.

AWS Select Tier Services Partner
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