What we do

Using agile, human-centered design to create impactful digital solutions

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We’re agents of change.

Technology improvement is about so much more than hardware and software. We look at all aspects of your systems—from their efficiency, security, and automation to how users interact with them—so your end products do more than just “work.” They shine. 

Software development

Success extends beyond just writing code.

Technology powers almost every part of an organization—and there’s always a need to make it more efficient, more effective, and more extensible. Our platform-agnostic development team employs lean IT principles and agile thinking to quickly build secure, scalable solutions for your thorniest business problems. Most importantly, we build things that will be easy for you to maintain.

From large-scale enterprise platforms to transactional CRMs to custom reporting dashboards, our diversely talented developers help you prioritize and iterate on your ideas. We always evaluate and use the technologies that are best for your organization and project, relying on our expert capabilities in things like JEE, MEAN, React, Vue, Python, AWS, AWS Native, Java, Node and JavaScript.  

We take a conservative approach to specific aspects of engineering (like writing tons of automated testing scripts), so that we have the freedom to experiment when disruption is warranted. Our experience extends well beyond standard development, with deep knowledge of third-party integration, API development, responsive design, back-end architecture, content management systems, analytics frameworks, and legacy system integrations.  

UX design & research

If it’s not usable, it simply won’t be used.

User experience isn’t about how something looks. It’s even more than how something behaves. It’s the overall experience—from start to finish—of interacting with your product, system, or company. And the only way to evaluate its success is to talk to users and watch them use it. 

We help you ask your users the right questions at the right time. What do we need to build? What problem are we trying to solve? How will we engage users to see what’s working? Using data obtained directly from users and usage analytics, we can help make incremental improvements to the overall experience without wasting time and money on designing things that aren’t needed or desired. 

Using human-centered design principles and service design practices, we identify your target users (which includes your internal users), determine what your business needs are, map workflows and behavior patterns, define information architecture and mental models, develop research plans, conduct user interviews and testing, build wireframes and prototypes, and create high-fidelity interface designs. 

Focusing on the holistic user experience helps us ensure success in the final product. We blend astute problem-solving with modern design to create something beautiful, functional, and simple to use.  

Cloud services

Look to the cloud for the future of your business.

Join industry leaders in going cloud-native. This doesn’t just mean taking previous “on-premises” thinking and moving it to the cloud. You only reap the true benefits if you also change the way you think about your infrastructure. 

We can not only help you implement a serverless infrastructure, but work with your engineers to understand the best ways to take advantage of the system moving forward, allowing you to gain resiliency, elasticity, reliability, robustness, scalability, automation, and efficiency. 

Before the cloud, you’d incur costs before you could actually deliver anything, spending time and money setting up servers and architectural infrastructure. With the cloud, the heavy lifting is already done and you simply pay for what you use, which considerably reduces the overall cost of ownership and speed to market. 

We use the latest and greatest technology to ensure things run smoothly—Terraform and CloudFormation for automation, Dynamo DB for databases, functional code in Lambda, and integration technologies like API Gateway, SQS, and Kinesis.


We’ve been doing it since before it had a name. 

DevSecOps is part of our DNA. Rather than thinking of development, security, and operations as separate, discrete responsibilities, we’ve always approached them as integrated functions—bridging the traditional IT and security gap by replacing siloed thinking with ongoing, flexible collaboration and a shared ownership of security as code. 

By integrating security protocols and testing into the agile development process (instead of layering it on as an afterthought at the end), we can help you streamline delivery pipelines while making them both faster and more secure. As an added bonus, it makes it easier to take advantage of cloud services, implement automation, and quickly respond to threats. 

DevSecOps requires both a technical and cultural shift, which means you can’t just sandwich responsibilities together and expect success. We’ve found the best way to nurture this change when helping clients improve (or create) their DevSecOps capabilities is to quickly establish trust across team boundaries, often embedding our experts into existing development teams as active, engaged members. Once this trust is firmly in place and we understand your technical landscape, we can help identify gaps in infrastructure or security and engineer a solution that works across the organization.

Meet some Flexioneers

Ellen Sun

Ellen, Engineer

Ellen specializes in creating high-quality, elegant solutions to challenging problems. She is enthusiastic about collaborating with colleagues on tough challenges and applies that same passion to camping, rock climbing, and travel. Ellen also crochets intricate items like sweaters because she loves to build beautiful things using nothing but yarn.

Meghan O'Meara

Meghan, Content Strategist

Meghan appreciates working with fun, intelligent people to create inclusive, accessible, and meaningful digital experiences. She lives with her two much-beloved but slightly smelly rescue dogs, Clyde and Dexter. Meghan likes hiking, (badly) attempting home improvement activities, and falling asleep while reading long-form nonfiction.

Carl Bunche

Carl, Data Analyst

Carl cares deeply about the purpose of his work and the people he works with. He is enthusiastic about digging into data and finding meaningful insights to help his team accomplish its mission. At home, Carl enjoys being with his family. Together, they work on puzzles, watch movies, and travel.